This is what we’re going to do. Together.

Reinvigorate our American Bill of Rights.

Our democracy is at stake, as each branch of our government struggles with corrupt politicians destroying the fundamentals of our Constitution.

We deserve leaders who focus on the good of their communities, not the whims of the party or themselves.

Heal our community’s racial tensions.

Divisive partisan and special interest agendas manipulates rhetoric that focuses on power and control rather than people.

Fight for equitable justice.

We have policies at all levels of government that have been created on a basis on opinion and bias, not fact. We deserve representation that’s seeking to create reforms focused on equity – giving people exactly what they need to survive and thrive – rather than corruption.

We need a catalyst in Congress who sees the diversity of our people and this district and seeks to do the hard work to champion the interests of everyone, not just a select few.

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