meet morgann

Who is this person?

Well, I’m a native Nebraskan born in North Omaha, that graduated from Bellevue West. I’m the daughter of two amazing veterans who taught me the importance of community service and empathetic servant leadership. I’m an entrepreneur who’s has done inclusive communications consulting for over 5 years with clients big and small. And I’m an organizer who is passionate about connecting impacted people to the platforms and movements that make sure their voice is heard.

I heard you’re a BLM activist…


I was personally mobilized by the movement at the same time as so many others – when Michael Brown was murdered. Since then, I’ve worked to educate our community on the movement, and help organize demonstrations for Black Lives Matter.

I’ve also worked with several other movements, including the Omaha Women’s March & the Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative.

What are you doing next?

I’m so glad you asked.

We need more activists and teachers and bartenders and mechanics in office. We need everyday people to guide legislation, because our legislators should be everyday people not the uber-wealthy.

My goal is simple & familiar: fight for better representation.

I’m building a movement to build a deep, diverse bench that’s saavy, revolutionary and empowered to get candidates like you and me in office. I’m building campaign toolkits for intersectionally marginalized candidates to run and win. I’m building partnerships to get them the resources they need to run and win. And I’m creating a network of progressive changemakers who are going to save our democratic republic from the corruption that is trying to destroy it.

You know you want to join me.

Let’s reclaim our republic.