meet morgann

Who is this person?

Well, I’m a native Nebraskan born in North Omaha, that graduated from Bellevue West. I’m the daughter of two amazing veterans who taught me the importance of community service and empathetic servant leadership. I’m an entrepreneur who’s has done inclusive communications consulting for over 5 years with clients big and small. And I’m an organizer who is passionate about connecting impacted people to the platforms and movements that make sure their voice is heard.

I heard you’re a BLM activist…


I was personally mobilized by the movement at the same time as so many others – when Michael Brown was murdered. Since then, I’ve worked to educate our community on the movement, and help organize demonstrations for Black Lives Matter.

I’ve also worked with several other movements, including the Omaha Women’s March & the Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative.

Who are your donors?

Everyday people like you and me. People that want our government to work for us, not for corporations or lobbyists.

What are your qualifications?

In order to run for Congress there are only two qualifications you have to meet: an age restriction (at least 25) and that you live in the state that you are running in. 

According to those requirements, I’m overqualified. But I also think that I’m uniquely qualified to serve this district because I know what it’s like to have to face the same challenges that the people of this district struggle with. 

Where do you stand on fundraising?

I don’t care about big money like my competitors do, because I believe it shouldn’t cost millions of dollars to run a successful campaign. I don’t want corporations or special interest organizations or the Russians via the NRA to be the reason I won. This is a movement we’re building together, and it’ll be powered by donations from everyday people. That’s why I took the pledge!

Why should I vote for you?

I am exactly what I say I am and I will do exactly what I’ve said I’m going to do. I’m not running with a hidden agenda, or with ulterior motives. I’m not here to represent anyone other than the people in our amazing Omaha metro, from Valley and Gretna and Papillion to Florence and Benson. I’m not going to Washington to fight for you, I’m going to fight with you, because it’s not about me, it’s about all of us.

Let’s reclaim our republic.