hey friends.

When people ask me why I chose to run, it’s because I wanted to be a public servant who listened. A representative who empowered my district to demand the change they’ve long needed. ​

I’m tired of elected officials that take our money and ignore our concerns. I’m tired of career politicians that profit from special interests while barring the people in their districts from their right to governance. Party dynamics that preserve the political circus, while dividing communities based on coded rhetoric rather than progress or patriotism.​​

It is time for common-sense legislation that does not infringe on the civil rights and liberties of any Nebraskan, that also works to correct antiquated and unjust systemic issues.

This campaign is about more than me. It’s about mobilizing and empowering each of our friends and neighbors to demand their voice be heard. To be prioritized by the politicians they pay to represent them. We are Nebraskans, we are strong, unbought and unbossed. Everyday people should guide legislation, and legislators should live like everyday people.

We can build the equitable future we have been waiting for because you and I are the change we’ve been waiting for.

Let’s reclaim our republic.