September 28, 1919.

Thousands of white Omahans rioted downtown as they lynched Will Brown, a Black man falsely accused of attacking a white woman in the evening of September 28, 1919.

100 years later, those racial tensions remain. Redlining and white flight has led to consistent segregation.

We have to heal our community’s racial tensions.

Policy step 1

2. We have to amend and support HR 49 to research reparations and restitution to the indigenous tribes whose land was stolen and families murdered and African descended communities forced into slavery to build a prosperous nation that continues to disenfranchise their laborers.

It’s an urgent threat to our community.

Please consider going to see the play Red Summer by local playwright, Beaufield Berry about the tensions that lead up to the lynching of Will Brown. Tickets and more information is available at