I am suspending my campaign.

When I announced my candidacy at 28 years old, I was one of the youngest candidates in state history. I was also the first Black woman candidate for Congress in the state’s 153 year history. And I am the first queer candidate to run for any federal office in my state’s history.

I entered this Congressional race because for far too long people like me – people who are not white, wealthy, cisgender, heterosexual men – have had to deal with representation that does not care about or reflect them. We’ve seen a skyrocketing military budget and cuts in public education. We’ve seen military conflicts that bomb children and families, and cops kill unarmed Black people with no real consequences. We’ve seen a political war on drugs that criminalizes marijuana by the same lawmakers who act mystified in how to address rampant public mass shootings. We’ve seen children in cages, homeless veterans on our streets, massive catastrophes from climate change, and families unable to afford basic health care and treatment. And we have basic conversations with politicians who are more concerned with beating each other than they are about representing their increasingly diverse districts.

This is only the beginning.

We need more activists and teachers and bartenders and mechanics in office. We need everyday people to guide legislation, because our legislators should be everyday people not the uber-wealthy.

My goal is simple & familiar: fight for better representation.

I’m building a movement to build a deep, diverse bench that’s saavy, revolutionary and empowered to get candidates like you and me in office. I’m building campaign toolkits for intersectionally marginalized candidates to run and win. I’m building partnerships to get them the resources they need to run and win. And I’m creating a network of progressive changemakers who are going to save our democratic republic from the corruption that is trying to destroy it.

You know you want to join me.

We're going to build a deeper bench.

Put simply: there aren’t enough of us running campaigns.

We need more staffers that can be finance experts, fundraising geniuses, and statistics wizards. We need people who can run the entire field plan, train volunteers, manage offices, coordinate social media blitzes, and design inspiring websites.

Staffers that are ready to break. the. system. People who come to the table with intersections that we don’t hear enough from: neurodivergent young people. Disabled Black folks. Nonbinary seniors. Formerly incarcerated lesbians. All of us. We deserve our seat at every single table.

Recruit & prepare better candidates.

For far too long, people in politics on the left (and occasionally on the right) have bemoaned the lack of diversity in the candidate pool. But candidates that do enter the theater that is modern politics struggle to find resources to help them run competitive campaigns.

We’re going to give them the tools, training, connections and resources they need to succeed.

Wrap them in support.

Politics is a messy, lonely, painful business, especially for people from marginalized communities. Our most important job is helping them to keep fighting – fighting for justice, for freedom, for equity, for fair representation. Fighting for our families and neighbors and friends. Fighting for all of the changes we desperately need. Because make no mistake: this is a fight for the very soul of America – for our Constitution, for our the American dream, for everything we, and our ancestors, have hoped it could become.

Our fighters need allies to wrap them in support and solidarity and empowerment. To make space for their voices to be heard, and their work championed. That is our mission. That is our fight. And we need you to help us do it.